The Core Team

Flo Curtet

Flo, Co-Founder and in charge of development and scouting.
Florent has more than 10 years in fashion and press relationship.

Alex Julve

Alex , Co-Founder, in charge of business and administration
Alexis is a great entrepreneur with over 3 businesses ongoing.

Jolanta Stavera

Jolanta is a famous model, known for her commercial and beauty campaigns. She is well known in the industry, and willing to transmit her knowledge to the models of tomorrow.

Tatiana Ri

Tatiana has a long past in Fashion as a Model, and also as a very successful Dancer. She speaks Polish, English, French and Russian. She is in charge of Newfaces scouting and is also a Booker.

Philippine Hamen

Philippine started her modeling career in 2008, and has since been passing sucessfully Art Degrees in London. She is a booker for latin countries.

Alain Corleone

Alain started is proficient career at the Ritz Club, he then managed events at the Milliardaire in Paris. After that he was the Artistic Director of Palais M. He has in his portfolio, amongst other, P.Diddy, Flo-Rida, Usher or Rihanna. He is our Director in Public and Press relationships.

Thibaud Robin

Thibaud is a an evolving Parisian DJ. He proposes deep and melodious sets accompanied with his famous live Saxophone. Specialized in house, techno and EDM, he is influenced by both electronical music and classical/jazz style.

Yoni Mimouni

Yoni is a very experienced fitness/sport and yoga coach. He is training celebrities as well as personal coaching in Neuilly-Sur-Seine. He is our Health and Sport director.

Two anonymous scouters

Wandering the world for the fashions diamonds of tomorrow.